Saturday, July 18, 2009


Some of you who meet the age requirement remember an old song with this title. I don't recall the group that recorded it but I do remember a few lines. Anyway, that title came to mind as I thought back on today, an exceptionally lovely day. The weather was perfect, just enough sun, a few clouds, even some that might have had rain in mind, but that never happened. Instead, the temperature was perfect and there was such a nice breeze. We spent the majority of the day with my sister and her husband out at their place. Her dear friend, Cheryl, and Cheryl's husband Jim, recently returned to our neck of the woods for about a 3 week visit. They moved away to Australia a few years ago and are sorely missed. I think they do a bit of missing, too, so they try to come back for an extended visit once a year and we try to get together and catch up. Today was "their" party in that my sister invited some of their mutual friends and, of course, their children and Frank and I out to their place in the country for some good food and precious time sitting around the fire pit.

One couple brought along their 3 month old grand daughter and I was in heaven. I was asked if I wanted to hold her and, of course, I hated that! All kidding aside, I relished holding a little one again and I guess I haven't lost my touch as after a bit of rocking and butt patting, she was sound asleep in my arms. It was heaven. I reflected back to my two dear grandsons and how I had loved to be part of their lives from day one and how hard it is to believe that they will soon turn three years old. Where has all that time gone? I love them so, sometimes it's hard to put it all into words. The other evening my daughter called to tell me that Gavin and Ian wanted to call up Grandma so after a brief hand off of the phone, I had those adorable voices on the other end of the line saying, "I luv oo Grawma!" Whether it's Gavin or Ian I'm a blubbering mess. It touches me so deeply.

Sometimes I imagine them being 6, 12, teenagers, grownups, and when I do I imagine them finding my poetry and being surprised that their ol' Gramma did such a thing. So many of those poems are about them and I imagine, too, that they remember some of the days we spent together, playing, coloring, pretending, having "parties" with make-believe treats, or just being together. Who knows what the next 20 years have in store or even if I'll be around to share their lives with them. I sure hope I'm around, and for a very long time, watching them learn and grow. Anyway, as you know, I haven't written many poems lately. Just a writer's slump? I don't know. But yesterday I did write one and here it is.

by Patty Lynn

It seems like only yesterday
I saw you come to be,
Such tiny little babies
Who now are almost three!

I rocked you, held you, told you that...
You made my world complete.
Now, you, the children of my child,
There's nothing quite as sweet!

Each day I spend with both of you's
More than the day before,
Your tiny hand stretched out to mine,
Love seeps through ev'ry pore!

For I am left so humbled by...
Your trust and by your love.
Each night before I go to bed
I thank the Lord above...

Who made you two and blest my life,
More precious with you in it.
What greater gift than you two boys,
I savor ev'ry minute!

So I have written down my thoughts
For you to read someday.
Perhaps you'll be surprised to learn...
Your Grandma felt this way.

But, hopefully, you'll always know
How much I loved you two.
I tried to tell you ev'ry day
Those three words, "I love you."

There's nothing I can think of
More wonderful than you!
Instead of just one grandson,
I, happily, have two!

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