Monday, June 15, 2009


Believe it or not, the ol' gal is back. No real poetic inspiration just the inspiration of life. Hopefully, there will be another poem soon as there is Father's Day and a Graduation or two coming up and that might be motive enough, who knows?

This last Saturday my husband and I were doing our usual Saturday errands, first stop, Fleet Farm. Boy, do we know how to have a good time, or what? Anyway, we were turning into the parking lot off of Wisconsin Avenue when we both noticed a woman lying on the curb, her bike down, and favoring her knee. I had my husband stop our van and I got out and asked her if she was hurt. She said that she was and that a car coming out of the parking lot had pulled ahead never noticing her, so close she lost her balance and fell. She was shaken and angry not only at the incident having happened but particularly at the woman in the car who never stopped to check on her or help her. It is amazing that something like this could happen and nobody, not even the one responsible, had stopped to help her.

Well, I helped her up, got her into our van while my husband put her bike in the back. She was quite a ways from where she lived and in no shape to be riding her bike back to her downtown apartment. The only complication was that last Saturday was the Flag Day Parade and downtown was closed off and it was difficult for us to find a place to park and walk her and her bike back home. But we managed. Once she got home we suggested she put a cold pack on her knee and she assured us she would. When the adventure was over we knew all was right with the world, or at least our little corner of it. She was very appreciative and we were glad we were there to help.

The following day, Sunday, I went on a long overdue shopping trip to one of our smaller malls. I had put it off long enough and besides, I had a 30 percent off coupon!!! I just took my time and spent about an hour and a half just putzing and looking and finally buying. The weather was beautiful when I went in to the store so I wasn't prepared for the deluge that was taking place outside. Of course, my umbrella was in the car, so I thought I'd wait in a covered area until it let up a bit. As I stood there I noticed this big white luxury car pull up and man got out with one of those big golf umbrellas. He opened it and walked around to the passenger side, opened the door and extended his arm to help his wife who used a cane. He was so patient and caring not to let a single drop touch her head. As she walked toward me I smiled and she said, "I sure wasn't expecting this. This rain seemed to come from nowhere." I agreed. Then I said, "Yeah, and my umbrella's in my car". Hearing this she turned around and called back to her husband to give me the umbrella to use to get to my car. I objected and told her it was alright, but she insisted. So, I used the kind couple's umbrella and he followed behind in his car (after he made sure I was in my car and protected) and retrieved the borrowed umbrella. All the while I watched that sweet man with his wife, I thought how fortunate she was and how I,too, had a husband like that. And, as they say, with kindness we must pay it forward. God made sure of that!

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