Monday, June 22, 2009


How typical. Someone comes up with new technology making it possible to have a way to reach home or the police or the towing company right from the comfort of your car and we become an obsessed people. Obsessed? Yes, obsessed. We have so misused this safety tool to reach someone, anyone, any time of the night or day. For what?
To talk...and talk...and such a degree that now we need legislation to forbid the use of cellphones while driving in our cars 'cause, it can cause us to be distracted and therefore inattentive drivers who are responsible for a large percentage of car accidents. Duh!!!

And if that's not enough, the talk, talk, talking I mean, now we have to TEXT. My gosh! Stop the madness!!! We are drowning in debt, many have lost their jobs and we're shopping for more minutes and features that our phones are now daily planners, computers to receive email, maps, television programs, and we can't forget, phones that are cameras. We complain that our privacy is being invaded and yet all these gizmos are only making it easier to have our identities stolen and worse,to ruin someone's reputation by taking suggestive photos and posting it to...the UNIVERSE.

Is it me or does some of this foolishness and being caught up in it, seem as though, if we only used common sense, so much of this would be eradicated by just sensible use of this technology? I know,I know. I sound like the "old folks" I regarded as such when I was younger. But I can't say, "these youngsters today..." I can't because we're all a part of the problem. When I got a cellphone about 12 or 13 years ago, I was single and I thought, "what if I was in my car on the highway and my car broke down, what would I do?" A cellphone was a way to holler for help and that was it. Now, I have a cellphone with no text, no camera, no daily planner, etc. I have it for my long distance because it's cheaper than having long distance put on my land line. And, I must confess, I do occasionally make a call from my car, while driving. I, too, use it for more than emergencies and shouldn't be making calls from my car. So now I've vented. But I hope I've made some of you think about the monster that interrupts "live" conversations,has the potential to cause a car accident, has made texting "zombies" out of our teens and is so much a constant in our lives they have to post signs at the pharmacy that say,"Out of respect for our customers, please complete your cellphone conversations before coming up to the counter." Duh!!!!

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