Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's another late nite, 10:30 p.m., and I thought I'd share a poem I wrote a number of years ago for a girlfriend from work who wanted me to compose an "original" poem rather than just buy a card. One thing that made this pair unique (at least uniquie to the circles in which I travel) was that they were avid motorcyclists so I included a reference to their other passions.

As you can see, the "new poem train" still hasn't left the station but I am making an effort. This Wednesday or Thursday I will share a poem I wrote this weekend upon learning that the mother of one of my dearest friends had died suddenly, but I prefer to wait until my friend receives the poem prior to the funeral. Anyway, it becomes exceedingly more difficult to find poems that I have written in the past as I have shared most of those with you. What I've saved for last are these poems, like the one I just mentioned, that are written for a commemoration of some kind, a holiday, an event. So, please bare with me as I look through that group to find some that may speak to all of you if only to jog the memory of an event or a person that you're remembering, too.

Engaging Hearts
By Patty Lynn

When two hearts meet and fall in love, a miracle takes place.
He takes her hand and she takes his, his lips press to her face,
Then magically they murmur low, “I’ll love you to the end”
And in those words they’re promising to be a heart’s best friend.

For friendship like the one you share makes lasting dreams come true,
And those of us who love you both want all that’s best for you!
Our treasured friends, your happiness is why we celebrate
And why we all look forward to just when you set the date…
To join your hands and lives as one, committing from the start…
Your love and your devotion, from Two, to make One heart.

So as you ride your Harley into the sunset bright
We know your future’s headed down a road that’s true and right.
Remember that a miracle has brought you two together,
And happily-ever-aftering starts now…
And goes forever.

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