Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This seemed a choice for this blog. Not to say I'll never blog again, but it's getting increasingly more difficult to find the time and the inspiration. The last poem I shared with you, written for a dear friend's mother's funeral, was my last poem. There may be some that I haven't posted from my past poetic offerings, but I just haven't been "moved" to write a poem. I miss it, that passion and drive to sculpt a picture out of words and rhymes, to be somewhat profound while making something rhyme. It's a puzzle, really, where thoughts evolve and pieces fit together and when it's done it has a meter and lilt. This is all reminiscent of the years I spent as a singer, so many opportunities, an instrument that was God-given and would always perform what I asked of it, soft and mysterious, strong and powerful, whatever I asked. And then TIME had it's way with it, the instrument falters and I have difficulties just praising the Lord with it now. There is some solace in knowing that God listens and loves it despite all its shortcomings. But I miss it.

I am still hoping that this is just a poetic "slump" and I will be drawn to the page and challenge of creating in words, conveying a thought, comforting a loved one, so many possibilities. If you have the time, say a little prayer for me. I miss my poetic creativity. Pray it will return.

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