Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This seemed a choice for this blog. Not to say I'll never blog again, but it's getting increasingly more difficult to find the time and the inspiration. The last poem I shared with you, written for a dear friend's mother's funeral, was my last poem. There may be some that I haven't posted from my past poetic offerings, but I just haven't been "moved" to write a poem. I miss it, that passion and drive to sculpt a picture out of words and rhymes, to be somewhat profound while making something rhyme. It's a puzzle, really, where thoughts evolve and pieces fit together and when it's done it has a meter and lilt. This is all reminiscent of the years I spent as a singer, so many opportunities, an instrument that was God-given and would always perform what I asked of it, soft and mysterious, strong and powerful, whatever I asked. And then TIME had it's way with it, the instrument falters and I have difficulties just praising the Lord with it now. There is some solace in knowing that God listens and loves it despite all its shortcomings. But I miss it.

I am still hoping that this is just a poetic "slump" and I will be drawn to the page and challenge of creating in words, conveying a thought, comforting a loved one, so many possibilities. If you have the time, say a little prayer for me. I miss my poetic creativity. Pray it will return.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesterday was the celebration of the life of the mother of one of my dearest friends.
Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting her could only say, "she was quite a gal!" She was in her eighties but you never would have known it. She had gotten more frail in the last couple of years but she still remained active and involved in her church and various organizations. She had just returned from a vacation with two of her daughters, to one of her favorite places, New Orleans. It seemed to everyone almost incomprehensible that she was gone as she had passed so suddenly. Fortunately she had no lingering illness, no pain, and no real slowing down in her active life. So when my dear friend called to tell me that her mom was gone, I did the only thing I could have done; I wrote a poem. I had written one similar to this when my own mother had passed, similar in that it is written as if her mom had written it. So, here it is.

By Patty Lynn

It’s time for celebration; my life on earth is o’er.
I’m f’nally in the Father’s arms, my happiness is more…
Than earthly words can e’er express, but you all need to know…
That though you miss me, I’m complete, my blessings overflow!
For Heaven is the place I’ve come to be here at His side.
I’m happy, healthy, I am His, and in Him, I abide.
The music here’s beyond belief, the angel choirs and all,
I wish you all could hear the strains, I can’t but be enthralled!
It’s Heavenly, that’s all that I can say about this place,
And then there is the fact that I can look into HIS face!
Remember how we wanted so to understand life’s questions,
And even wished that God would grant some possible suggestions?
Well, now the answers are all there, but here it doesn’t matter.
In fact, those things that bothered us are simply idle chatter.
I’m here with all the ones I loved, the ones that went before.
They all were there to greet me, they opened Heaven’s door.
It’s so Divine to take their hands, embracing them again,
I’m filled to overflowing, a lifetime it has been!
You all cannot imagine what perfection really is,
Or how it feels to understand, that you are truly HIS.
Please live each day as if it is the last one you will see,
You never know when He will call you here to heaven, with me.
I’ll watch you all as you adjust, I know you’ll miss me, dears,
But please take comfort, all of you, and don’t shed any tears.
An earthly life for you will be a lifetime in the making,
A journey long that’s sometimes glad but can leave your heart aching.
But Heaven holds eternity and only happiness.
God’s love consumes each moment here, my heart and soul to bless.
Remember me, but don’t be sad, I love you all, still do,
And every day and every way I’ll be a part of you.
For those we love are never gone, their love lives deep inside us,
And memories of loved ones dear can often serve to guide us…
Through times when life’s perplexing us or when we’ve lost our way,
In times of joy and happiness, their memory holds sway.
No matter what, I’m there with you; I’m not so very far.
Look high above the dark night sky; you’ll see my flickering star.
As you look up, I’m looking down, I’m watching, listening, too.
My heavenly heart is filled with love for every one of you!

Psalms 23:6 …and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.

Written in celebration of the heart & life of Phyllis Stevenson

Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's another late nite, 10:30 p.m., and I thought I'd share a poem I wrote a number of years ago for a girlfriend from work who wanted me to compose an "original" poem rather than just buy a card. One thing that made this pair unique (at least uniquie to the circles in which I travel) was that they were avid motorcyclists so I included a reference to their other passions.

As you can see, the "new poem train" still hasn't left the station but I am making an effort. This Wednesday or Thursday I will share a poem I wrote this weekend upon learning that the mother of one of my dearest friends had died suddenly, but I prefer to wait until my friend receives the poem prior to the funeral. Anyway, it becomes exceedingly more difficult to find poems that I have written in the past as I have shared most of those with you. What I've saved for last are these poems, like the one I just mentioned, that are written for a commemoration of some kind, a holiday, an event. So, please bare with me as I look through that group to find some that may speak to all of you if only to jog the memory of an event or a person that you're remembering, too.

Engaging Hearts
By Patty Lynn

When two hearts meet and fall in love, a miracle takes place.
He takes her hand and she takes his, his lips press to her face,
Then magically they murmur low, “I’ll love you to the end”
And in those words they’re promising to be a heart’s best friend.

For friendship like the one you share makes lasting dreams come true,
And those of us who love you both want all that’s best for you!
Our treasured friends, your happiness is why we celebrate
And why we all look forward to just when you set the date…
To join your hands and lives as one, committing from the start…
Your love and your devotion, from Two, to make One heart.

So as you ride your Harley into the sunset bright
We know your future’s headed down a road that’s true and right.
Remember that a miracle has brought you two together,
And happily-ever-aftering starts now…
And goes forever.