Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just can't believe that I haven't posted anything since April 17th. Guess you can tell that I don't have as much time as I used to. I was all set to post a couple of poems about 4 this afternoon when I had some special visitors and for these particular folks I always drop what I'm doing. As you've probably figured out by now, those special visitors were my two darling grandsons. They are so precious and watching them grow from such tiny pre-mees to these talkative darling children has been my greatest joy. Anyway, I ran across these two poems in my old file of poems that go way back.

The first one was actually commissioned by the church we belonged to at the time to be an addition to the church bulletin on the Sunday we were celebrating Confirmation.
I don't recall the year but it really doesn't matter. It was an honor to add my little poetic thoughts on this milestone in the lives of these eighth graders.

By Patty Lynn

When you were just a baby
Your parents brought you to…
The holy house of Jesus,
And there they baptized you.

You were too small to choose Him,
But Jesus took your hand,
‘Til you alone could make Him yours,
‘Til you alone could stand.

And then you grew in knowledge,
Learned of His ways so true,
And how He died to make you clean,
His blood was shed for you!

Today you stand before Him,
Your hand stretched out to His,
You know His hand’s protection,
What loving really is.

And so as you confirm your faith,
We pray your life remain…
Filled with His Holy Spirit,
Abiding love your gain!

The second poem was one that was written for a program at one of our local hospitals, called "Where the Rainbow Ends". The program was designed to introduce children to the hospital experience so that if or when they had to spend time in a hospital for treatment, it wouldn't seem so scary. These field trips by local schools used the characters from the Wizard of Oz to greet the children and take them on a tour of the facility. I was asked to write a little poem that could be incorportated into the handouts the children were given so that they could take them home and share what they learned with their parents. In addition, each child received a coloring book with the Oz characters.

By Patty Lynn

Where the rainbow ends is a pot of gold
Filled with riches yet untold.
For it opens doors to fairylands
Where explorers walk o’re shifting sands.
These kingdoms lie both near and far,
Your own backyard, beyond a star.
So join me now where the rainbow ends.
Come follow me, bring all your friends.
For the riches lie with each book;
Just sit right down and take a look!

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