Sunday, April 5, 2009


Tonight's blog is simply one of the poems that I wrote for my dear sister when she was going through some serious health issues. I tried to write a poem each week while she was in treatment as I felt in a time when I felt powerless, that I was "doing" something. My sister and I are so close, so tied together, that when either of us is hurting the other almost "feels" the other's pain. I'm happy that those health concerns are behind her now and I'm merely sharing this "prayer" in hopes that it may touch those who read it. If perchance you are going through difficult times right now or you know someone who is, this may be a comfort for you. If not, may it serve as a reminder that when we feel "power-less", God is even more "power-full". He is ready and willing to see us through, no matter what it is.

By Patty Lynn

Oh, Lord, the God of miracles
My Savior and my friend,
I thought I’d take some time today
My heartfelt thanks to send.

I’m blessed, Lord, by your presence,
In ev’ry passing day,
A loved one’s kiss, a baby’s smile,
Your Word that points the way.

Relationships so rich, Lord,
My world’s a better place.
And thank you for the trials that come,
For strength, as each I face.

Some people say that miracles
Are few and far between,
But if they’d take the time to look,
At everything, I mean…

They’d see the world’s a wondrous place
Where miracles abound.
They’d see your hand in all that’s there,
In ev’ry sight and sound,

The changing of the seasons,
The plants that sprout and grow,
Spring’s gentle breeze, Fall’s vibrant leaves,
Fresh, newly-fallen snow.

And what is more miraculous
Than babies, Lord, I ask you?
But if there is a greater one
I wouldn’t put it past you!

For you are able to create…
The miracles around us,
The smallest bug, the tallest tree,
Each day they just surround us.

But, Lord, there’s something so profound
A gift you’ve given me,
That when I look into her eyes,
It’s You, Lord, that I see…

My sister, Lord, is such a source
Of joy and happiness.
I know I don’t deserve her
She simply is the best!

You know she’s struggling daily
With just so many things,
Her faith is strong and well she knows
The comfort that You bring.

So please, Oh God of Miracles,
Reach down your healing hand
Caress her face, embrace her heart,
And help her, Lord, to stand…

When she feels weak and frightened, too
Be there to raise her up.
And when she thirsts for answers,
Be there to fill her cup.

She’s oh, so precious, kind and true,
Unique in every way,
I love her and I wish I could
Wipe all her hurts away…

But only You can do that, Lord,
I lay her at your feet,
A miracle’s the answer, Lord,
Yes, that’s just what she needs.

So as I ponder all these things,
The blessings You bestow,
I thank and praise You, gracious Lord,
Just wanted You to know.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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