Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night, about 9:05 pm, I was saying our nightly prayer with my husband and thinking how I was going to miss our usual 9-10 o'clock time together...again. As you all know by now, our lives and our habits have recently changed with the welcome addition of a new job for my husband. Getting up at 4:30 am each morning necessitates going to bed an hour earlier, so we pray, share a goodnight kiss and he goes off to bed. Sometimes I check my email, write a poem or even watch TV for another hour. Last night I used my hour by watching a program and then writing a new poem about our routine, you know, rise, work, supper, TV and bed. Not exciting, to be sure, but accurate. The practical side of life, the day to day habits, that we settle into, determined by our jobs, obligations, etc. As I was reflecting on all this, I wrote the poem below. It's a bit different than my usual fare in that it employs the use of the relaxed form of in' instead of ing. You'll see what I mean as you read along. The poem is genuine and down-to-earth, much the way we are. I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope you can see yourself in it's lines. Even the most mundane things can be engaging. Can you relate????

By Patty Lynn

I’m watchin’TV all alone in the night,
Too tired to think, but this doesn’t seem right.
“A waste” some may say, my daze, like a sponge.
But don’t you dare judge me, ‘s not for everyone…
This single “activity”(a strange choice of words)
We all fly together, like the best of the birds.
Workin’ hard in the day, makin’ supper for two,
Catchin’ one or two programs, and when the day's through…
Headin’ right straight to bed, pull the covers up tight,
Recallin’ the day in my prayers, thoughts take flight.
Will tonite be the night that sleep will come easy?
For sleep is the only thing to appease me,
For there’s nothin’ that frustrates like sleep that won’t come,
And I wouldn’t wish that on no one, not one.
Now these thoughts may not be an int’resting topic,
But here, all alone, I really can’t stop it.
Cathartic it is, ponderin’ the mundane,
Besides, to withhold it would drive me insane!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure not complainin
Though it’s not too excitin’, this is all that I’m sayin’:
You work hard, watch TV, get real tired and dozy,
Make your way to your bed, add some covers, you’re cozy.
Don’t think on too much or your mind will defeat it,
Only then will sleep come – now should I repeat it????

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