Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last Wednesday my sister and her husband left on vacation. They had planned it for months and I know they got a really good deal because "I know my sister!" She is by far the best bargain hunter I know and planning this trip to the Napa Valley was no exception. I don't know the rate they got on flights and rooms and events, I just know they would have to be fabulous. These two have taken some really nice vacations and I admire their "you only live once" philosophy.

My kids, too, have taken some wonderful trips and cruises and have gone to places my husband and I could only dream about. The last vacation we planned was a belated honeymoon on a Royal Caribbean Cruise. That was back in 2004. We decided to enjoy our night in New York where the ship would be boarded from the next day by getting a lovely hotel and tickets to a Broadway Show, The Producers, I think it was, although it wasn't the original cast. We'd planned and arranged and got ourselves so pumped about "our cruise" and couldn't wait to go. Well, the day before we were to fly out of Appleton to New York City, I was trying something on in a fitting room and the garment fell on the floor and ... I bent down. In that benign moment I heard a very peculiar sound coming from my back!

I don't know how I got home but I did and my husband rushed me to the emergency room and from there to the neurosurgeon's office and I was having back surgery when I should have been enjoying sultry breezes, white sands & blue sky. I had a trip alright, just not the kind anyone plans on taking. And so it goes...

These days with lost jobs and lay offs and whacks to retirement savings, we sit back and count our blessings and hope that if all goes well, we'll be going on a vacation in a year or so when we two with new jobs (thank you, God) have accrued some vacation time. Then we, too, can plan an excursion to someplace, maybe even someplace exotic and WARM! Spending Wisconsin winters in a warm climate eludes us at this point but a trip, a week or ten days, to a warm place would be nice. I hope so, and I really mean that, I have the hope that that will actually happen. Then I'll be able to call my sister as she called me today and say, "do you miss me yet?" And I really do miss her. She and her husband are our dearest friends and that truly is a blessing.

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