Sunday, March 22, 2009


This past Friday my son-in-law's grandfather, passed away suddenly. This was a man in his 90's who led a healthy life and up until a year ago played 18 holes of golf and often went out for lunch and dinner with friends. Then he suffered a stroke and from that time on he retreated, ashamed that he could no longer do the things he used to do and embarrassed by the fact that he needed a cane to get around. His quality of life was irreversibly gone. Now requiring help at home, he just gave up.

Then last week, he had a heart attack but, surprisingly, he rallied and was set to go home on Friday. In fact, his cardiologist told my son-in-law, " He's doing well. I expect him to go home tomorrow". Well, that "tomorrow" was Friday and instead he had another heart attack, this time a fatal one. I know people always say, "It's a blessing" but, you know, it was. His life was anything like it had been before his stroke and for him, what was left was a mere existence, not a life to be lived. My son-in-law had visited his grandpa the day before his passing and when he got the news, his response was, "I was going to see him today... at home." As it turned out, his grandpa was "seeing" him, looking down from heaven, finally whole and happy that he was going to be missed. Isn't that what we all hope for, a quick passing and life eternal with God? I'm sure he did, too, and his prayers were answered!

By Patty Lynn

When someone who has lived so long
Is taken suddenly,
We can’t begin to understand,
Just why this had to be.

It’s times like these, out of control,
That each one must admit…
We don’t have all the answers,
And this life isn’t it.

For when we leave this world behind,
And heaven opens wide,
Our earthly needs no more exist,
For God is by our side.

And tho we’re missed by those we loved,
The Love of God is such,
No words could e’er describe it,
No other love’s as much…

As that which now surrounds him,
At last he understands,
What he was promised, long ago,
Is sung by angel bands.

And so he takes his rightful place,
He’s young & whole, it’s true!
Yes, he’s a brand-new home in heaven,
Like that prepared for you.

At last he’s where we long to be,
He’s looking from above.
He’s happy there, knows that we care,
Asks God to send His Love…

And Comfort in our sorrow,
Peace only He can give,
Strength through this earthly pale,
Until we, too, can LIVE!

In Loving Memory

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