Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday my husband and I went down to the basement to look through some of the boxes that were never unpacked after our last move. It really wasn't something we put off, it was more like seeing all the things that cluttered our previous residence and feeling that it wasn't necessary to find a place for all the things. I think as we get older we require less "stuff" and plainer and more streamlined seems a better way to go. Anyway, it gave me a chance to "unearth" some treasured memories and the kind of melancholy that that brings.

For instance, I found some old pictures of my mom done in sepia tone. They were so soft looking and she was so much younger. It's a reality check when you see what time can do. I also found the Christmas present I gave her in 1969. I had graduated from college and was sent to a teaching position in Lancaster, California.
I was making $5000 gross for 11 months and money was very tight. But I managed to find this lovely heart-shaped locket and put a picture of myself and my younger sister in it and engraved the back with "With all my Heart" love Patty. I knew my mother was not a necklace person so I had the jeweler attach the locket to a pin.
I was so excited to give it to her and she seemed genuinely thrilled with the gift.
I wore it today on my suit jacket and glanced down on it a number of times and that sweet memory came rushing back. What would we be without our memories.

And speaking of memory, how's yours been lately? Mine used to be as sharp as a tack.
Now it's more like a dull eraser on the end of an old pencil. But seriously, I used to remember every lyric to approximately 600 songs, every singer, just about any movie star and at least one picture they appeared in. Now...not so much. What's up with that? That is the scary part of getting older. We're all so afraid of what they used to call "hardening of the arteries". I remember telling my mom that she shouldn't worry if she forgets some things, that I forget things all the time, but this is different. I'm not saying I'm scared, at least, not yet, but I do wish I could remember things better.

In closing let me just say that it's great to be alive, to be independent and relatively healthy, to have a roof over my head, a wonderful family and husband and friends like you to just share with and vent to. Good nite and sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

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