Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Oh, yeah. There's a freeze, alright!!! The temperature is freezing, we're freezing when we're out in it, and businesses are putting a "freeze" on hiring. Now that's not the kind of news those of us with no job likes to hear. We're being frozen out, getting the cold shoulder, as it were, and the whole world is a pretty cold place, right now. See the theme? Well, FREEZE is a good word for what's happening in this recession, depression, or whatever ession this is. The only thing we want to freeze, is our investments. "Hang in there, don't worry, it'll swing the other way."
Maybe it will, but we don't have the luxury of time or, for that matter, money. For those who can wait it out, go ahead, hang in there. But with the way our retirement money is goooooing, we won't have anything left when the up-swing comes. Well,that's it for now. I have no desire for a popscicle, ice cream or a snow cone, that's for sure!!!

Stay warm.

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