Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My husband and I have been doing a nightly devotion since the first of the year and really enjoying it. We've been using a publication called, Portals of Prayer, and it's been amazing how the devotional thoughts have mirrored things that we're thinking and feeling and experiencing. Tonite was no exception. The title was, God Will Make a Way, and it talks about our journey through this life and the changes that have to be made and the adjustments that requires. It uses the example of the angel coming to Mary to tell this ordinary, small town girl that she would give birth to the Son of God. Talk about dealing with changes. God uses angels a lot in the Bible and that's what's made the subject of my short little poem for tonight so surprising. I don't know why I was thinking about angels, specifically our Guardian Angels, but I wrote this poem long before we had our devotion.

By Patty Lynn

There’s an angel on my shoulder,
Watching over me.
Whether good or bad she sees me
And always “sees” me through.

Sometimes she’s disappointed
In the choices that I make.
Oft times she even whispers,
“That will be a big mistake!”

And when I am in trouble,
She gives me confidence,
To rise above my problems,
And to use some common sense.

Although I cannot see her,
I know she’s always there.
A Guardian will do that,
Will give her tender care.

I’m grateful for her presence.
God’s sent her, just for me.
Life’s full of circumstances,
Where things aren’t clear to see.

So I have faith, believing,
The journey’s mine to make,
And with my Guardian Angel,
I’ll live, for Heaven’s sake!

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