Sunday, March 29, 2009


It's almost April and this morning greeted the Midwest with another blanket of snow. Thank goodness it's in the 40's and by this time of the day, most of that blanket has melted. March definitely has been "in like a lion, a lion!" Yes, just another reason to observe that our weather patterns are changing and our environment needs some TLC after years of little or no regard for the effects of our fuel and our need for "convenience".

I'm not about to (at least, not in this blog) get on my soap box about our country's wastefulness and wanton disregard. I'll reserve that for another time. My thoughts now are of the season of rebirth, shoots appearing, buds on the trees turning into leaves, gardening and...well, I could go on forever, but I don't have forever. The clock is ticking and who knows how many moments of Spring anticipation we have left. I'm not being morose, here. It's just that we never know when we've enjoyed our last Spring (or Summer or Fall or Winter) for that matter. We're told to live each day as if it's our last. That's good advice. We not only need to enjoy every moment we're given, we need to savor it. More importantly, we need to savor every person in our life. We need to tell them we love and appreciate them, for it is the people in our lives that are our dearest treasure. Never let a day go by without telling your loved ones that they are LOVED, for we never know when they will no longer be here and that missed moment is gone forever. Happy Spring, everybody! And if you didn't live today like it was your last, the day's not over yet.

Spring's the Thing
By Patty Lynn

Spring is a season,
A “spring” is the thing
Without which your mattress
A backache would bring.

We “spring” into action,
Put a “spring” in our step,
Spring showers bring colds
And occasionally, Strep!

Spring follows the Winter
And meets with elation
As cold bids adieu…
Spring’s anticipation
Finds all of us happy!
It’s finally here,
No snow for a while,
‘Til the end of the year.

We know Spring brings Summer
And Summer brings Fall,
But for now, Spring’s the Thing,
The “Best” season of all!!!!

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