Wednesday, March 4, 2009


First let me begin by making an apology for last night's gloomy blog. Yikes!! I was in a bad mood and it was directly proportional to some concerns I have (as so many do) about the recession and the toll it's taking on our retirement goals. I hadn't written a poem in a while and I wanted to just get a few things off my chest and it sounded like a gripe-fest, starring ME!!

Anyway, I've decided to have a more positive outlook (because being an ol' sad-sack never helped anyone) and think about the good that can come out of this national mess we're in. So, tonight's blog is a bit more upbeat. It's called:

By Patty Lynn

I know I was crabby and negative, too
‘Cause sometimes this life gets the better of you.
It’s a shame when it happens, no help it provides,
But sometimes you feel like you’ve got to pick sides.

It’s the ol’ “us and them”, the haves and have nots,
And when you have not, you resent those that gots.
You feel it’s not fair and life should to be easy,
That transitions and changes are meant to be breezy.

But that’s not the way and struggles do come...
Much harder to handle when you are the one…
Who’s just lost your job or maybe your house,
Your savings are dwindling, you just need to grouse…

You’re entitled to, darn it, things are really bad.
At least they are diff’rent, don’t have what you had.
So we tighten our belts, are more thrifty and such,
And it does make a difference, though you don’t have as much.

But the saving and pinching’s a way to contend
With the bills and expenses, they’re sure not pretend!
Remember to pray, God’s there for your asking.
All this is not one thing, it’s real multi-tasking.

To think of it all, a juggling act, this,
But you’ll find that before there was something you missed.
The spending, the going, the getaways planned
Were a kind of removal, do you understand?

Now home becomes solace and the family’s united.
Some may make the point, it’s a trifle short-sighted,
But we know the truth is we’re closer than ever.
No country recession our family will sever.

It’s best to be thankful for we have each other,
Each father and mother, each sister and brother.
Let the storms of this life reek havoc and plunder.
Our family and faith can’t be torn asunder.

United we stand, divided we fall,
Take a breath and then look at the good of it all.
There’s many who stand at this crossroad like you.
With love, prayer and patience, we will make it through!!!

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