Saturday, March 14, 2009


Decided to do another poem that concerns aging (wow, that's unusual). But seriously, how about that title, Age Defying. I wish. If only that were a possibility, defying age. Dream on. I used to get irritated about all the commercials about food, food, food. When you're trying to lose weight or maintain or, at least, make healthy choices, you don't need a steady diet (forgive the pun) of fattening food commercials with people eating all the "naughties" parading in front of you.

Now, however, I find myself more irritated with cosmetic commercials promising that you can"erase" wrinkles, build new skin or take those bags away. Did you notice that the afters are all under 30. Come on, already. How stupid and easily duped do these product companies think we are? And the prices for these products. Oh, my gosh!!! Well, sometimes it's much too much. I really do believe in good eating habits, healthy exercise and wearing make up to downplay your flaws and emphasize your assets. Oh, and absolutely, choosing clothes that are current and are styles that suit your body.

Now that I've vented, let me say that aging should be accepted as the natural progression of life. There's something to be said for aging gracefully. I will say that I was guilty of thinking it would be, shall I say, a more exterior than interior change, however. I knew I had the appropriate arsenal of skin care, makeup and hair product expertise to flatter my outside but I wasn't prepared for the physical maladies of the aging process. Still there are many benefits of aging that I never thought of like the knowledge that comes with experience and, certainly, the absolute best part (which I'm sure you all know by now) being a grandmother.

So, all of this is just to say, I love to analyze things and aging is no different. This blog is the perfect venue to ponder, share and analyze many things, none the least of which is AGING, so fasten your seat belts! Here's another look at the inevitable.

By Patty Lynn

I wonder why we never thought
We wouldn’t ever age.
Now, I don’t mean we thought that life
Would never turn a page.

And I don’t mean that we thought that we
Would never have crow’s feet,
Those darling little laugh lines
That never will retreat.

We knew we’d face the telltale signs
That we were growing older.
But aging gets more fright'ning
For gravity’s much bolder!

Your frame begins to shrink a bit
And certain parts, they sag.
No more are some things “perky”.
This really is a drag.

You pass a mirror and catch your face
Reflecting back at you.
“Who is this person?” you may ask.
“Is this what time can do?”

Surprisingly it’s what she said,
My mom was oh, so right!
"You don’t feel diff’rently inside.
The change is day to night!"

I heard her say, “I can’t believe…
Who is that old woman there?
I feel the same from deep inside.
I’m wrinkled with grey hair!”

Oh, yes, I know just what she meant,
But still amazed to see…
My version of my mother’s shock
That's looking back at me!

At least my life does not include
A cane or chair confined,
But given all that aging brings
I’d say, it’s crossed my mind!

So though I wish old Father Time
Would stop his forward spin,
I’m glad to be here, sags and all,
It’s just the skin I’m in!

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