Sunday, February 1, 2009


As I sit here tonight and think about the fact that we're in the next new month of 2009, I can't believe how fast time flies. As this very cold, very snowy, winter has been, I am counting the days till Spring and hoping that it will arrive more sooner than later. I've got to say that this year I am particularly glad to see the sun (when it decides to shine) last a bit longer, a testament to the fact that the days are, indeed, longer and the nights shorter.

Recently, as I visited with yet another surgeon, I was staunch in my request that 2009 be a year with no surgeries. It seems that every year in the last 10, I have had to get something fixed or replaced and I wanted to go on record with this one word, "ENOUGH!" It's something which, though serious, I truly mean. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of control over it but with my tongue firmly in my cheek, I will stand up on my soap box and reiterate again, "ENOUGH!" As I pondered what is really just a wish, that is, to have no body parts fall apart or be so shot that they need replacing, I decided to look at all of this with a sense of humor.

By Patty Lynn

I’ve made a promise, yes, I have,
No surgery this year.
I’ve told my husband, sister, too.
Hey, doctors, do YOU hear?

I’d like to think that I can keep
The body parts I have,
So don’t you dare find something wrong,
Or you’ll just make me mad!!

Besides there’s not much left that’s mine,
My knees, my back, my shoulders
They’ve all been altered or replaced
And I’m just getting older.

If I had had a chance, you see,
Or better yet, the money,
I would have had a body lift,
And that’s not even funny!

But rather than cosmetically
My kind of alteration,
Was made up of repairs and such,
Not done in moderation.

Some think with all these surgeries,
I love being “bionic”.
Believe me, there’s no love affair,
Not even one platonic.

I can’t control the timing when…
My parts might need replacing,
But if it’s unavoidable,
I guess that I’ll be bracing…

Myself for one more surgery
Will this one be the last?
Well, probably it will not be,
Based on my record past!!!

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