Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tonight I was commenting to my sister that with less creative time in my life (now working a second job), I'm having a dickens of a time writing poetry. And low and behold, I sit down at the computer to check my email and a silly thought crossed my mind, inspired by the snow storm they're predicting for tomorrow and Thursday. I got a kick out of the fact that they named this one, IAN, because that's the name of one of my twin grandsons. Actually, he was a bit "stormy" today, as his mom will attest.

Anyway, as I sometimes do, I thought about what I would call a form of poetic license. In this case it's contractions. You know, all those abbreviated words we say in everyday speech. It's easier, less formal. Rather than saying," I would enjoy that and they will, too," we say, " I'd enjoy that and they'll enjoy it, too". Well, it got me to thinking (always a good idea). We shorten many words like this and when we get really lazy, we say "goin' " instead of going, "lovin' " instead of "loving", and so on. So I set out to overuse my apostrophes as much as I could and this little poem's what I came up with:

By Patty Lynn

They say a storm’s a’comin’
We’d better all prepare!
The snow’s a fallin’ rapidly
And there’s no time to spare.

Make sure you’ve turned the heat up
‘Cause cold’ll seep right in.
The winds’ll howl fierce,my friend,
‘Twill make a roarin’ din!

You know, you’ll have to bundle up,
And don’t forget your boots...
Your parka, scarf, and underwear
A woolen hat, that suits…

To be your buffer from the cold,
For shov’lin’s next in store!
Be sure to add some rock salt, too,
Come in and shut the door!

I’ll make a pot of cocoa,
Mmmm, chocolate fills the air!
I’ll add some yummy ‘mellos.
You’ve ice there in your hair.

We’ll sit right near the fireplace
And watch the dancing flames.
Why don’t we ask the neighbors in
To play a couple games?

And when the party’s over,
We’ll both head down the hall,
And snuggle ‘neath the covers,
So deep in slumber fall.

I guess that storm was not so bad,
I’d have to say just this:
We’d never feel so toasty warm,
If not for Winter’s kiss.

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