Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last night as I lay in bed I should have been clearing my mind but, instead, I started thinking. It really bothers me that I can't find the time or often the inspiration to BLOG so I was ruminating, ruminating about what might make an interesting subject and, for whatever reason, I started thinking about phobias.

Some people have a whole laundry list of things that make them fearful, some have none and then there's me. My single phobia or fear, shall we say, is a fear of heights. I know there are those who have fears but don't like admitting it and what's more, don't know where those fears came from. However, I do. My fear of heights (which makes getting up on a ladder a traumatic event) came from a single incident that happened when I was very young. But rather than telling you in the conventional way, I've chosen to tell you in the form of a poem.

By Patty Lynn

It’s said that what we really fear…
Is only FEAR itself,
But I, for one, know what I fear,
A fear that I was dealt!

For when I was a little girl
Of only six years old,
I had a scary incident,
One night in winter’s cold.

My older sister took me to...
A concert I enjoyed.
She ran into a guy she knew,
Then seemed with me annoyed.

He asked if he could take us home,
But only had one arm,
And I remember that I thought,
“Perhaps, we’ll come to harm!”

I sat between the two of them,
Was seated in the middle.
I couldn’t see much seated there,
‘Cause I was pretty little.

Those were the days of bench-like seats,
And dashboards dark and thick,
I couldn’t see much over it,
The view, it made me sick.

So this “cool cat” who drove to fast,
So he'd impress my sister
Then headed for the bridge ahead,
Leaned over me and kissed her.

And at that moment, as he sped,
A million miles a minute,
He lost control and crashed his car,
I wished I wasn’t in it!

For though it wasn’t serious
And only bruised his fender,
From my perspective we were dead,
The crash, a lifetime-ender!

You see when you’re a little girl
And can’t see much below,
You’re sure the car you’re riding in,
Will surely over, go.

I didn’t see a railing there,
The reason we were saved.
I only knew this kid who drove,
Was hardly well-behaved!

I was so certain we’d careen…
Straight over to our death,
And at that moment all I did…
Was pray and hold my breath.

So now-a-days I shy away...
From heights of every kind.
“You say you’ll climb that ladder there?”
I’ll say, “Sir, I don’t mind!”

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