Saturday, February 7, 2009


Although I've called this imaginary, I'm hoping that it won't become a prophesy. I had back surgery back in 2004, a mistake as most people who have had back surgery will conclude. But when you're writhing in pain and someone offers you a chance to feel better, you're not in the best frame of mind to make good decisions.

Anyway, I manage my pain pretty well and after having both knees replaced, the ol' back was feeling even better. Makes sense when two "pins" that weren't in the best of shape are now righted, everything is in better balance. Well, so I thought until just recently when I started having this moving pain in my right leg. Moving? Yeah, as strange as that sounds it did move. One day in the foot, next day in the calf, next day in the thigh. Pretty weird, huh? Well, when it got so bad I was consistently limping (looking a bit like Boris Karloff in the mummy)I went to my G.P. who said he thought it was a nerve in my back that was causing my symptoms. To make a long story short, he sent me to an ortho who sent me back to the back surgeon who did the 2004 surgery. And yes, I do have a broken screw in my back and I am scheduled to have a CT mylogram this week and...well, the rest, who knows. But,
in the meantime....

By Patty Lynn

I had a funny pain, you know,
The kind that won’t go’way.
And when I walked ‘twas with a limp,
The dog gone live-long day.

I can’t say where it came from.
I didn’t trip or fall.
And yet my leg was painful.
The foot, the calf and all.

My surgeon thinks I’ve pinched a nerve
And wants to do a test,
Inject my back with bluish dye,
I said, “You surely jest!”

“But it’s the only way”, he said,
“To find your pinching place,
Why, it could be that broken screw,
Your xray showed a trace…

Of something that is not quite right,
Don’t worry or be scared.
I’ve gone back in on many folks…
And most of them have fared…

Quite well, I think, considering”…
“Considering?”I cried.
“To put my back in your same hands,
I think that I’ll decide…

To think on this, a good long while
And check out other choices,
Opinions of the “second” kind,
So say my inner voices!”

You see, someone I quite respect
Gave me this good advice,
“If you’re not wanting surgery,
A surgeon? Best think twice!!”

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