Sunday, February 22, 2009


Once you give me a theme, I just go to town. Unfortunately, I had only one phobia to draw from, so I had to think about this topic and as so often happens, I thought about it from a child's perspective. Childhood fears are just that, reserved for our youth, but some, make it all the way to our adult years. Anyway, tonight's offering concerns itself with the old "monster in the closet" routine and a little girl named Susie.

By Patty Lynn

Each night as I snuggle all warm in my bed
And pull both my covers up over my head
I’m sure that I’m hearing a gurgly noise.
That comes from the closet, beneath all my toys.

It’s spooky and scary, like nothing I’ve heard
I listen intently but don’t speak a word
‘Cause I know it’s a monster, and one that sounds mad
I’ve told both my parents, my mom and my dad.

But they don’t believe me and say it’s not true
I’m sure that it is and I’m telling you…
That some night very soon he’ll get out from in there
Find me under my covers and pull at my hair.

And if he’s real hungry, he may take a bite…
Of my tenderest pieces, I know that I’m right!
My parents, they say I’m imagining this,
Each night after prayers, when they give me a kiss.

“It’s impossible, Susie, ‘cause monsters aren’t real.
Please try to forget it, though frightened you feel.”
Each night they repeat this, each night I am scared
I’d not open the closet, oh, not if you dared.

The monster can stay in my closet and sleep
He’s gone by the morning, still I tip-toe and creep…
So quietly quiet out from under the covers,
I want to make sure that he never discovers…

That someone is sleeping outside, while he’s in there,
He just might awaken to find that he’s somewhere…
That has juicy children who’ll make a good meal!
You understand, don’t you, that monster’s are real?

I’m really quite brave, don’t you think I’m a brave one?
To stay in my bed without asking to save one…
From creepy ol’ monsters who live in my house?
The secret is being as still as a mouse…

And talking in whispers so he’ll never suspect…
That you’re even there, the idea he’d reject,
And that’s how it is if you two “LIVE” together,
Touch your feet on the floor just as light as a feather.

Don’t listen when people say that it isn’t true,
I know for a fact, and I’m telling you!
Yes, monsters are real and scary and stuff
So don’t ever doubt it, my proof is enough.

I hope you don’t have one, like mine at your house
And oh, did I tell you, his name, wel,l it‘s Klaus?
I once heard him say it when growling one night.
I’m sure that I heard it, it gave me a fright.

But if he is wanting to come out and greet me,
I’d run way too fast, no he wouldn’t eat me.
For monster’s belong inside closets, shut tight,
And only to sleep there,‘neath my toys in the night.

Last night just before I fell fast asleep
I told him that rule, that he’d better just keep…
Inside of the closet and not venture out.
Because if he did, I’d scream and I’d shout..

And that is just that, I’ve laid down the law.
“Stay in there, old monster, and don’t try to claw…
Your way out of there to taste little me,
‘Cause I may be little but I’m strong, you will see”.

I’m really not scared of icky old you.
Being frightened and shaky, it just will not do,
You’d better look out, I’ve decided to be…
Not scared and not frightened, I’m brave little me!

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