Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The last blog concerned itself with a little girl name Susie and her monster in the closet. This next child is afraid of EVERYTHING. Know anybody like that? Hopefully not. Anyway, this is the story of one fearful little boy and the friend that helps him conquer his fears and realize what he's missing.

By Patty Lynn

Now, I know a boy who’s afraid of the dark
And he gets a chill when he hears a dog bark.
He’s scared of the wind as it blows through the trees,
And thunder and lightning brings him down on his knees.

Whenever he walks down the sidewalk and back
He’s careful that he never walks on a crack.
He says that his grandma’s a house full of ghosts,
That howl really loud, are headless and gross.

He won’t walk right under a ladder, that’s true,
And black cats, he’ll tell you, are really taboo.
He says there are monsters that live ‘neath his bed,
And goblins, not sugarplums, dance in his head.

He quakes at the sound of my back door that squeaks,
He hates little birds, he’s afraid of their beaks.
He washes his hands lots of times, ‘cause of germs,
Says he’ll never go fishing, he’s afraid of the worms.

Last summer he came with us up to the lake,
But wouldn’t go swimming, said his tummy would ache,
If he happened to go right after a meal
Besides he was sure that he saw an eel.

I told him that’s silly, there aren’t any eels,
Just minnows and seaweed that tickles your heels
But he was convinced that all that made him scared
“I’ll never go in there!” he loudly declared.

I said that you’re missing so much that is fun,
By being the scaredy-cat, terrified one.
Now, that made him think for a moment and then
He said, Yeah, you are right, I just don’t know when…

I started to feel so afraid all the time,
Missing out on the fun, why it’s really a crime,
But if you’ll help me through it I’ll try to begin
To stop being fearful and chilled from within.

I’ll help you I told him, ‘cause you are my friend,
And I will stick by you from beginning to end
So that day I promised to show him a way
To deal with his fears, one by one, day by day.

At first it was hard, but we tackled them all,
The big ones and little, the great and the small.
I helped him pretend that each wasn’t scary,
At first that was hard because he was wary.

But soon the pretending became what was real
And fears by the score were not what he’d feel,
Instead he showed int’rest in things that were new
No longer were frightening, Boy, I’m telling you…

My friend who was frightened became a new person
No more did the dread of things worsen and worsen.
He finally got over his fears, apprehension,
Now he’s a kid with a different direction.

He knows that the world has good things in store
If you’ll only open, will open the door…
To the new and diff’rent, and don’t close your eyes
To what’s really there, you’ve got to be wise…

It’s easier, too, if a friend’s by your side
Who’ll share the adventure and take it in stride.
I’m glad I could help him get over his fears,
We’ll be friends forever, for years and for years!

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