Monday, January 5, 2009


Ever since the election machine was set in motion, the word for 2009 has been CHANGE.
That's certainly a good motto since it's apparent that we do need to change the way our country does its "business". Granted this time of year, beginning a new one, is, at the very least, reflective of the past and it's "mistakes". If we go on the principle that we learn from our mistakes, taking stock and making some adjustments will, hopefully, yield a better result.

That's it for my deep thought for today except...What about the eternal battle of the bulge. We wage that war every year and yet, more often than not, we succumb to defeat. If there are any out there who don't know what I mean, please raise your hands. I thought so. So it is safe to say that at least one or two of you have had a similar experience and have learned that valuable lesson which is: If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, and try again. Though this is a serious matter, I thought I'd have some fun and pump out this little ditty. It isn't so humorous as it is, well, what we have to be reminded of every new year.

By Patty Severin

Are you a diet maniac,
When the New Year comes around?
Compulsive with your exercise,
When your body’s looking ROUND?

Hey, could it be your body needs…
A healthier approach,
That’s prompted by a balanced plan
That’s way beyond reproach?

No matter if you’d like a fix
That’s fast and easy, too.
The truth is it’ll take some time
Re-educating you!

For diets and equipment can’t…
Be only temporary.
A life change is the thing you need.
So, friend, you best be wary…

Of advertiser’s gadgetry
That promises the moon.
Be sensible and stay the course.
You’ll sing a diff’rent tune.

Because you’ve changed you habits and…
The secret’s really true:
With inside change comes outside change,
A change for all of you!

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