Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's no secret that children often end up as the teachers in this world. We do our best to teach them, but somehow it often is these little ones that show us the way.
This week as I, once again, enjoyed my two beautiful grandsons, I had an "Ah, Ha" moment. Ian, the more diminutive of the two, loves life to follow certain patterns and consequently has built in self-talk when it comes to exactly when Grandma or Grandpa should be at his house.

Since I always meet him and his brother at their car when they come home from school, my daughter tells me that he will have a conversation with himself the whole way home. It goes something like this: "Gwamma, yes (as he shakes his head affirmingly)Papa, no" (Grandpa usually comes in the afternoon after nap time). This is what he repeats over and over on the way home in the car.

But his self-talk also includes what he will say when he takes a tumble or bumps his head and it's not severe enough to get some loving comfort from Mom or Grandma. He will quietly repeat to himself what he has heard us say to him when we are holding him or kissing a boo-boo. He will murmur low, "It's aw-wight, it's ok" over and over to himself. .It occured to me that he is truly being self-assured, and this little poem came about as a result.

By Patty Lynn

You’ve heard the term, the attribute,
“Why, he’s so self-assured.”
It means that you are confident,
A shy demeanor cured.

We’ve heard it used on resumes,
We hope our boss will notice,
And Dale Carnegie, it’s said,
Has done much to promote this.

But what is this in practice?
I’ll tell you ‘cause I know.
A little boy has taught me this,
There’s much that he could show.

This little boy is 2 years old,
And when he’s hurt or sad,
He, to himself, assures himself,
That things are not so bad.

Says, “It’s aw-wight” and “It’s okay”,
I hear him whisper low,
Because he’s heard those same sweet words
From us who love him so.

That’s truly an example
Of what that one word means.
This tiny soul assures himself,
And that’s what this word means.

As always children teach us well,
Though we think we’re the teachers.
What can I say but children are…
The wisest of God’s creatures!

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