Sunday, January 18, 2009


This past summer our "very young" next-door neighbor celebrated his 40th birthday. His lovely wife with the help of some of the other neighbors planned a surprise party and, really pulled it off. My husband and I were among the few who were the more mature guests and so, I gave him a poem befitting the occasion. Ah, to be 40 again! Oh, well, I digress. Anyway, since my last blog entry concerned my being disenchanted with The Golden Years, I thought it appropriate to share his poem with you. Here it is:

They Say…
By Patty Lynn

They say, it’s something special,
The Big Four O, they say,
But we’ve been on the other side,
And we both say, “No way!”

Though it may be a milestone,
It starts “the olden years”.
Your waist expands, your hair migrates,
Guess what, it’s in your ears!

Your body starts objecting some,
You’re stiff when you arise,
Your reading needs a longer arm…
To focus with your eyes.

They say that 40 really is…
Age 30, now-a-days,
But let us tell you, that’s not true,
In, oh, so many ways!

But lest we both sound negative,
The truth is that we’re jealous,
And we’d go backwards, if we could,
Though older folks would tell us…

The scary stuff ‘bout growing old,
The truth is - you’re embarking…
On what experience has taught.
Age 40’s only marking…

A time to savor, see things clear,
Perhaps, age 40’s half,
But let us say, it’s not that bad,
Besides, you have to laugh…

‘Cause even with the negatives,
There’s so much that is great,
Because with age comes wisdom,
You just appreciate…

The moments, that in younger years,
Would often pass you by.
Be sure you take a second look,
Don’t let those moments fly.

So, though, this poem began in jest
Wish we could wear your shoes,
So, happy, happy, 40th,
Don’t ever sing the blues!

The years that lie ahead, you see,
Are really what you make them.
Be sure you laugh more than you cry.
For granted, never take them.

The riches of the seeds you’ve sown,
They far outweigh the aching.
So take the time - and savor each,
They’re there for just the taking!

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