Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Although tired at the end of a very long day, I couldn't miss this night to BLOG.
This day, January 20th, 2009, was the inauguration of Barack Obama (yes, he is the first African-American to hold this office)but for me, it means a palpable growth as a country. And though prejudice and bigotry will, unfortunately, always be a part of our world, today is a day of triumph over much that is unjust & unequal, and at this one shining moment, there is a hope that hatred will one day be eradicated. I know that is unrealistic but what I say to that is: "let me have my dream, for some dreams do come true". But instead of philosophising about it all, I'll share a little poem that came to me today called:

By Patty Lynn

Today’s the day we’ve waited for,
The day the pres-elect,
Takes office there in Washington.
The WORLD feels the effect!

For this is more than USA,
So much needs to be changed,
And Martin Luther King looks down,
His “dream” now has a name.

Barack has such a diff’rent sound,
But diff’rent’s what WE need,
And he is fin’lly what we sought,
Someone we could BELIEVE!

The tasks ahead are daunting ones,
The cure not quickly had,
But if WE pull together,
We’ll straighten out the bad.

Today his speech, a moving one,
Has called US all to do…
Our very best, no matter small,
And this means ME and YOU!

Because the weight is not all his,
WE all must do OUR part,
Persistence for the goal ahead,
And add a little HEART.

So join with ME to celebrate
This day in history,
WE stand united, EVERYONE,
The U.S.A. of WE!

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