Friday, January 2, 2009


Some of my observations may seem obvious, I know, but indulge me. It happens every year at this time. After being wooed to spend beyond our means for the latter part of 2008, we are now inundated with programs covering the subject of overspending and racking up the dollars on our credit cards. Wouldn't you think that in this economy, particularly, people would be more conscientious about spending within their means? What happened to one gift per child? Making cut out Christmas cookies with the little ones? Stringing popcorn and cranberries? And generally focusing on family and being together? My husband lost his job in December this year. I HAD to cut back and although I wished I could send on a gift to my friends, I couldn't, and it was OK. Now, I didn't like it much, but after it sank in, I adjusted.

And while on the subject of observations: At the beginning of each new year we are bombarded with all the diet and exercise gimmicks. We've spent two months having advertisers hit us hard with FOOD FOOD FOOD! Food to go out and eat, food to order and have delivered and finally food to serve during the holidays. Now that we've embibed, we have to partake of the latest gadget to get the best abs, or have the diet food delivered to our door, or join the gym that offers the best membership rates. There are even gyms that cater to the clandestine exerciser, too ashamed to be seen in exercise gear, so they can come at 2 o'clock in the morning!

And my final observation is totally unrelated. This one concerns what adults do when they're uncomfortable, embarrassed, self-concious or any similar feeling. WE LAUGH. Sometime when you think of it, just observe others around you or yourself perhaps. As little children we can run home to Mama when someone makes fun of us or hurts our feelings, but as we grow up we have to keep our real reactions to these negative situations to ourselves. But some of us, most of us, laugh and have some comment while we're doing it, usually self-depricating. You might even catch yourself doing it. I know I have. It seems an ODD response since the situation is anything but funny. They do say that "laughter is the best medicine". Sooooo, maybe what we're doing is self-medicating. Something to think about.

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