Sunday, January 25, 2009


We've often referred to dogs by this expression but does it really tell the story of our relationships with our pets? And are dogs our only "friends" in the animal kingdom? Hardly. To everyone and their pet, their bond is special. Animals, they say, give us unconditional love and I would have to agree. They love us whether we've had a good day or bad, whether we're in a good mood or a lousy one, whether we pay attention to them or not. Wouldn't it be nice if human relationships were like this?

If you've ever lost a pet and gone through the agonizing trials of failing health and having to put your pet down, you know it is indescribably difficult and heart rending. We had such a time with our last dog, Harley, and those of you who are dog or cat or whatever owners know, it's a terrible thing to go through. Even when it's evaluating "quality of life" issues, it's hard, very hard. A close friend of mine went through this recently and it got me to thinking, "I'd never written a poem of comfort for such a situation". And so today I offer this poem in hopes that it can give some level of comfort and understanding.

By Patty Lynn

They’re one of the family,
They burrow right in,
Right into your heart,
Seems they’ve just always been…
A part of each day,
For they’re part of your world
All cuddly and soft,
Around you they’re curled…
Till you can’t see where one ends
And the other begins.
Imagine them gone?
The idea spins…
Almost out of control,
Push it out of your mind,
No, don’t let it be…
In a place you can find.

That puppy so sweet,
So dependant on you,
Keep from thinking of when…
Your time is all through.
The years you’ve both had,
What a memory, this
Of that one special face
And a sloppy ol’ kiss.
A tail that expressed
Just how happy he felt
Just the mere thought of it
Why it makes your heart melt!

We block out the day
When we must say goodbye,
When decisions are hard,
Wiping tears from each eye,
As we peacefully watch
As they sleepily go,
And they leave quietly
Not ever to know…
That the end is now here
And their spirit is free…

Bounding through verdant meadows,
Not a leash will there be,
No restrictions, no rules,
Just a perfect fair day
As this part of your family
Scampers away.
And you whisper, “Goodbye,
You’re free, free at last!”
Our time, treasured much,
Has regretfully, passed.

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