Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We've all heard the phrase that starts out, "if you have your health.... We know that the rest of it is, "you have everything"! Trouble is we don't believe it until we get past middle age and our ol' bods start falling apart. So for all you "mature" readers out there who relate (admit it, you find yourself saying this all too familiar phrase to yourself several times a day), here's a little poetic license with this worn out (like your bodies) thought for the day.

By Patty Lynn

They say that if you have your health,
You have the world, it’s true.
I know to this I can relate,
Do these words speak to you?

For bodies age and flesh, it sags,
And faces map the years,
As beauty fades, so memories,
And brings me close to tears.

Where did it go, this life of mine,
A tummy flat and tight?
It seems I blinked and poof it went.
I think ‘twas overnight!

I know that I must face the facts,
With glasses magnified,
In youth we think this won’t be us,
And now we’re horrified!

No longer young, invincible,
No help was needed then.
But now we’re left with just a shell
Of us, from way back when.

Our habits make it obvious
We turn into our mothers,
And yet, for some, it’s clear to see,
How much they’re like our fathers.

The apple falls not very far
From where the tree once stood,
And everyone will older be,
And outcomes can be good.

If only you take care of it,
Your body and your soul,
Make love and life priorities,
Now, that’s a noble goal!

For having health is quite a gift,
One thing that needs our tending,
And, too, beyond our earthly life
Is God’s love never-ending.

Make Him a part, or better yet,
The first and foremost, He,
And you’ll find youth and perfect “health”
For all eternity!!

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