Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sometimes I think there would be a value in owning a crystal ball, having a forward glance at just what the future holds. But, would that really be a good thing? God created us and this world and only HE knows what our life holds, what decisions we'll make, what the outcome of our life will be. This He keeps to himself and rightly so. He gives us the ability to make our own choices, good or bad, and tells us that He's there for us no matter what, loving us in spite of ourselves and offers salvation if we believe in Him. He also tells us that Heaven will be our eternal home so, in essence, we do know the future. However, this life, the good, the bad, and the ugly is what we make it. All He advises is that we live each day as if it's our last, so we're always ready to go HOME with Him in heaven.

Health, too, plays a big part in how our latter years are spent. All we can do is try to lead a healthy life with prudence about food and exercise and hope that we will have a relatively healthy life because of it. But still, we may have ailments and aches and pains that were inherited from a long lost branch of our family tree.
As I spoke of in my last BLOG, "if you have your health, you have everything." I have a relative that has many health issues to deal with and as I thought about her and her situation recently, this poem was the result.

By Patty Lynn

She spends her days alone, I fear,
And longs for youth again,
For though she may not be alone
The one who’s there’s no friend,
But rather just another one,
A body who’s not part…
Of all her conversations and…
Her sadly beating heart.

Now bound to spend the days ahead
Within a chair with wheels,
She cannot shed her constant thoughts...
Of days she wore high heels,
And makeup ‘dorned her pretty face,
That greeted all with smiles,
And if she entered all eyes fell,
Could see her feminine wiles.

Her voice, so sweet, and sweeter still
Attention constant seemed.
T’was glamorous the life she led,
Besides she had her dreams,
That oft times kept her company
And painted life as though...
It was much better than it was,
That life she misses so.

But time and choices took their toll
And robbed her visage there.
So now she’s left with memories,
Confined in that ol’ chair.
She wishes that she could go back
And change so many things.
But would she really alter much
To see just what that brings?

It’s sad to think of wasted lives,
And sadder still the ones...
That find their choices limited,
And must accept what comes,
Who wish life gave a second chance,
That she could try once more.
But sadly if she had the chance,
Would she do as before?

She’ll never know and so she must...
Take life the way it comes,
Resigned to conversations brief,
And the twiddling of her thumbs.
She watches television,
Till wee hours of the night.
Although her body’s tired,
E’en sleep’s a constant fight.

Wish I could help her with her war
Against the villain, time,
But I, too, have my enemies,
For failing health’s a crime...
Against the very best of us,
For we just can’t escape it,
And if we could I’m sure we would...
Find some way to scotch tape it,
This body with it’s ailing parts,
Some days we’d like to give it up,
Imagining our "used to be",
In youth, when we could live it up!

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