Saturday, January 24, 2009


This may seem like a strange title for tonight's blog entry, but once I explain, it'll make more sense. Many years ago when my children were approximately two and four, I wrote a poem for my mom and dad that they eventually framed. I ran across it recently and thought about how life moves forward, we blink and suddenly our roles are shifted.

My parents were wonderful grandparents to my two children, little ones who had the good fortune to have their grandma and grandpa living in the same city. They were both born in Milwaukee and when we moved to Appleton due a job change, my parents soon took up residence here as well. This was such a privilege for my two and, as it turned out, their move afforded my sister and me the proximity to care for them in their old age.

As I looked at this old poem and the portraits of my two children that I had done to accompany the poem, I thought, "now I can really relate to how my mom and dad must have felt about their two grandchildren". Words can't come close to describe the depth of love I feel for my grandchildren, so I can truly imagine how they must have felt. That's the thought that prompted the title of tonight's Blog, once I had parents that became grandparents when I had children, "and now, I is one!"

By Patty Lynn

I once had a nightmare, a terrible fright
As I lay a sleeping, alone in the night.
I dreamt that this world took a turn for the worse…
For we were beset by a horrible curse,
A curse just so awful, the world felt forsaken;
A child’s greatest blessing was so heartlessly taken!
And what, you may ask, was this blessing so great,
That the thought of just losing it, nearly shook me awake?
Why, Grandmas and Grandpas, those special folks who…
Make caring and sharing a habit with you!

Just think of it, try it, a day without them…
Would be, don’t deny it, so hollow and then…
Just put your mind to it, deeply, I mean,
And you’ll see just how barren your whole life would seem…
Without Grandma’s patience, without Grandpa’s games,
Loving welcomes that tell you, they’re glad that you came,
No planting a garden, no rocking to sleep,
No tender embraces to make life complete.

So ponder this well, dear children of mine,
More precious a blessing you never will find!
This gift God has given, remember its worth,
No greater a treasure is there on this earth,
There’s nothing quite like them, they’re one of a kind,
Their love is so special, you’re first on their mind.
Don’t take them for granted, though they’ll always be there,
These two are like jewels, so precious, so rare.
That’s Grandmas and Grandpas, those special folks who…
Make caring and sharing a habit with you.

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