Saturday, January 3, 2009


When I first began this blog back in September, it seemed like a natural place to share my poetry. I've written so many poems over the years I got to November and seldom had to write anything new. I'd get inspired here or prompted there by something in the news (like the election) or something would pop into my mind and I'd have to write a poem about it. This blog still is my writing venue and I get so much pleasure out of sharing my poetry and thoughts with you all, that I have continued on sharing my work. And now a new year is upon us. And there is no great reservoir of things to pool from, but I will forge ahead with new thoughts and new poems that perhaps I need to write more than you need to hear. But forge ahead I will. Today as I was thinking of a blog entry, I hearkened back to where much of my poetry began, with thoughts of and about children. I'm sure you've all gathered that I love children and feel they teach us so much more than we teach them. I seems as I grow older I feel more enlightened, particularly by the whole growing and learning process that children go through, that WE went through but were too busy working toward becoming a grown-up to realize. Ooooo! Now that's a bit deep!! Anyway, I will always write about children because that's where my heart is and this little one came as the result of a gift one of my grandson's received on his first birthday, his beloved teddy bear. 

By Patty Lynn
Teddy bear, my Betty Bear, 
Sitting on the floor, 
If I had more than five of you, 
I couldn’t love you more. 

You are so very beautiful, 
You’ll be my bestest friend. 
We’ll have such lovely tea parties. 
Our “talks” will never end. 

 You’ll have to meet Sweet Monkey 
And Daniel Dew, my Duck.
 I put him in my boot one day, 
And Daniel Duck got stuck! 

 I laughed so hard that I fell down…
 And landed on my dolly. 
Oh, yeah, you’ll have to meet her, too. 
I call my dolly Molly. 
 It’s so much fun when I pretend, 
My animals and me. 
And now with you sweet Betty Bear, 
Good times there’s bound to be!

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