Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yes, the Golden Years!!! Who perpetuated this idea, or shall I say, this misconception? Who ever it is, I'd like to seriously sit down with him and give him a piece of my mind (that's assuming I have any piece I could spare). Today was one of those days, an everything-pretty-much-stinks-and-I-need-to-vent kind of day.

You know the drill, someone greets you with "Hi, how are you?" and you respond with,
"Can't complain", when what you really would like to say is, "It's a pretty crappy day; sit down and let me unload on you." But no one really says that and even if they did, the receiving end would want to high-tail it out of there, fast!

In my case the only one that I can say that to and who won't run the other direction, is my sister. Now when it comes to sisters, I believe I have the best thing going. My sister and I are so close we can vent, complain, advise, etc. and it's OK. Today was one of those days. She needed to unload and so did I, perfect timing. We've both been having some health issues and they've left us feeling a little picked on, frankly. We're not complainers for the most part, but today we gave each other permission to let it all hang out, and I think we both felt better for it.

The great thing is, though, that when you have a bad day, it gives you the perspective you need to appreciate all the good days you have. It's sort of like "if you never cried, you couldn't really appreciate a good laugh". And believe me, we know how to laugh. Our Dad had a wonderful sense of humor and he passed that on to us. It sure has gotten us through some tough times.

So, with no preconcieved idea that I am a wise oracle, the BLOG LESSONS for today are: 1. The Golden Years are a crock 2. It's OK to vent on a bad day, just make sure you have a willing ear 3. Count yourself truly blessed if you have a willing ear and 4. Try to find the humor in even the crappiest situations. You can view these as words of wisdom, or not, but they sure work for me!

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