Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here it is, December, barely, and we're expecting our second winter storm and lots and lots of SNOW. Nothing unusual, just winter in Wisconsin, but as we all get older, we tend to wish that it would be over soon. And, of course, it'll take till mid-April, no matter how much we complain.

In truth, I don't think it's the snow or ice that we mind; it's the COLD, brrrrrrr! Those stereotypes of the old grandpa, half bent over with his hand on his hip uttering, "Oh, my achin' back or hip or knee or....!" is not so far from reality. The high pressure or the low pressure of the weather leaves us, well, ACHIN'! Guess that's where the whole snowbird thing came from, leave the cold and head for sunny California or Florida for the winter months. Then, return in the Spring. A great plan, wouldn't you agree? I'm sure there are many, myself included, that thought about doing just that and then that ol' word, RECESSION, reared its ugly head and made any plans like that disappear.

But it is what it is and we certainly can't change it by wishing it were so. Better to think of this time as precursor to Christmas. During this time, this Advent time, it's best for us to prepare for the birth of the Child and you know how much fun it is getting ready for a baby. Remember, as wonderful as babies are, this babe was the most wonderful, most awesome baby of all!

I've decided to have a little fun, the poetic kind, and share this silly little poem I wrote about winter and its woes. Hope it puts a little smile on your lips (though perhaps a bit blue from the cold) and a little warmth in your heart.

Winter Blues
By Patty Lynn

Is Springtime approaching?
Please say that it’s so.
I’m tired of this ice,
And abominable snow!

I realize pleading
Dramatic it be,
But my old bones are aching.
The cold gets to me.

And all I can think of
Is changing my clothes…
To ones that are comfy,
Right down to my toes.

And wrapping myself,
In a blanket that’s warm.
T’would comfort, envelop,
Til after the storm…

Of chilly Ol’ Winter,
Who’ll never relent
Until evry ounce
Of my energy’s spent…

Complaining and grousing
About Winter’s climate.
At least when a phrase comes,
I feel I must rhyme it!!!!!!

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