Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This past Monday I brought a nativity scene over to my daughter's to introduce my two year old grandsons to the Christmas Story. What makes these characters unique is that they're depicted as children. I brought them over to the twin's table where all the art activities happen and emphasized that this was something SPECIAL. As I took out each figure from the bag, I made sure that they understood how special the baby was and explained that the mama, Mary, and the daddy, Joseph, loved their little baby, Jesus, very much. The shepherd and the three kings knew that this baby was really special, too, and came to visit him. They're are very young and to go into more detail would have been confusing but they certainly could understand the terms,
mama, daddy and baby. One twin in particular loves playing with the figures and saying who they are and, for whatever reason, believes the black wise man looks like his Papa. Now Papa is blond and fair but that doesn't matter. He's Papa and he occasionally gets a kiss, too.

This got me to thinking about the Christmas Story from a little one's perspective and so I wrote the following poem. The child in the poem is older than 2 but I think hearing the story and a child's reaction to it, gives us a better insight into the impact this historical and miraculous story can have on a little one, as well as for ourselves.

By Patty Lynn

Baby Jesus, you’re so small
And yet I have been told
That you did really big, big things
When you were grown up old.

I ‘member Grandma told me that…
You didn’t have a bed,
And so your mama, carefully,
Laid down your little head…

Into a manger made for cows,
But it was soft and clean.
She said you were the cutest boy
Your Mom had ever seen!

And shepherds saw some angels white,
All singing in the sky.
At first they felt real scared inside,
Until they knew just why!

And fancy kings in golden coats
Came from so very far,
To visit you because they saw
A bright and shiny star!

I wish I could have been there,
To see you as a baby.
If Mary said it was alright
I’d come real close and maybe…

I’d pick you up so carefully
And whisper “I Love You.”
I may not understand it all
But I believe it’s true…

That you grew up, became a man,
And died for everyone,
And someday I’ll see you for real
We’ll both have lots of fun!

I’ll see my Grandma once again.
I loved her soft, soft face.
Mom says they’ll be no wrinkles there,
She says you can erase!

The same way you erase my sins,
I know sometimes I’m bad,
But I know you forgive me,
And that you don’t get mad.

Mom tells me that she loves me
And that you love me, too.
I wish I was in Bethlehem
And I could visit you.

I love to hear the story of
Your birthday, long ago,
I know that’s why there’s Christmas,
So everyone will know…

That, Baby Jesus, you were born,
So soft and pink and small,
To be our bestest present,
The greatest gift of all!

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