Monday, December 15, 2008


As we get closer and closer to Christmas it is happily stated to be "just around the corner!" Yes, the big day is coming soon and although my children are all grown up and my grandchildren too young to understand it all, it truly is an exciting time of year. Today was unbelievably cold with wind chill factors quoted as 30 degrees below zero. I'd much rather have a white Christmas than a cold one but complaining won't change it. So, as I thought about Christmas through the eyes of a child, this little ditty came to mind. Hope you all enjoy it and it brings back memories of your youth in days gone by.

By Patty Lynn

T’was the night before Christmas…
“You boys go to sleep!”
Mom said with a smile.
“Don’t anyone peek!”

It took all we had
Just to stay in our beds,
As visions of presents
Danced in our heads.

“Tomorrow’s the day,”
I said to my brother,
Who whispered to me,
“I think I hear mother!”

So we laid very still
Pretending to sleep,
Neither one of us stirring,
Our secret to keep.

Then fin’lly we thought
The coast was all clear,
As I whispered again,
“Christmas day’s almost here!”

We did try to sleep
But we just couldn’t do it,
And a couple of times
We both almost blew it!

My brother’d dose off
And then I would wake him.
When closer to morning,
I’d grab and I’d shake him…

‘Till the day had arrived
Must have been before sun up.
We ran down the stairs
To find everything done up…

In garland and tinsel
And bright twinkling lights.
Mom & Dad put the tree up!
Must’ve done it last night.

And then we began
To examine the tags,
On all of the presents,
The boxes and bags.

Our Mom & Dad followed.
They sure looked worn out,
Both yawning and stretching,
But excited, no doubt.

‘Cause this was the moment
We’d all waited for,
Tearing open the presents,
Wrappings covered the floor.

You know, I think something
Became very clear.
This Christmas was different,
That even last year.

Seemed that I had discovered
Something crazy, but true,
Hmmm… it’s more fun to give
Than receive things from you.

Christmas time is just great
For my brother and me.
But the best part of all
Is the family, the tree…

And a day spent together.
There’s so much to do,
Boy, I sure am tired,
How about you???

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