Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Last night I had every intention of sharing my latest poem with all of you, but I just got on a roll with my musings about the new year to come. Anyway, I thought I'd better stay on point tonight since the subject matter of my latest poem is about the ever popular New Year's Resolutions. Even those of us who don't make resolutions, secretly do make them. They may not share them with anyone, however, for fear of having to "fess up" if they fall flat on their face. Resolutions do serve a purpose though, if only to force us to look at the areas in our lives that need improvement. So here it is. If nothing else this little ditty should make you smile.

By Patty Lynn

With New Year’s Day approaching,
You’d better take a tally…
Of all the things you didn’t do.
Come on, don’t dilly-dally.

The resolutions came and went
And never were fulfilled.
This year you’re gonna have to be…
A trifle more strong willed.

Now you can start by making lists,
Then counting each one off,
But if you make a great big deal,
Then others just might scoff…

At all the ones that don’t get done.
You’ll never hear the end.
So make your goals most quietly,
Besides, then you can bend…

The rules of resolutions.
They’re easier if you do,
But if you keep them to yourself,
They won’t come back to you…

To bite you in the derrière,
Remind you of your failings.
‘Cause no one wants to feel like that;
We’d rather have smooth sailing.

So if you must resolve at all,
Make sure it’s realistic,
And if you make allowances,
Adjusting may just fix it.

A small change here, a tweaking there,
Who cares if it gets done.
‘Cause then next year you’ll try again,
And, oh, won’t that be fun?

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