Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today was particularly cold, considering it's not officially Winter yet. Oh, it'll get much colder but right now, this is cold enough, thank you! At least, we didn't get more snow and I'm thankful for that. But the piles of shoveled snow is reaching a level we didn't reach last year till winter was almost over. I'll never forget the snow piles of last year! Or should I say, the ice piles. I remember my car coming in contact with an ice pile masquerading as a snow pile. I believe that was a $750 repair job!!

Oh, well, that's sour grapes and it's not last year, it's this year and there's no point in grousing about the weather. It's Wisconsin, after all, and it's to be expected. And while we're on the subject of Winter and the cold and the snow, here's a little offering that puts a positive spin on the whole thing.

By Patty Lynn

When cold winds blow and children play
In snowsuits red and hats of grey,
It seems a wonderland to me
As snowflakes cling to yonder tree!

And all the world is draped in white,
God’s blanket is for my delight.
And up above the night sky shines
As critters romp among the pines.

‘Twas not so long ago, I paused,
With rosy skin the sunshine caused.
Can summer’s warmth compete with this?
Tis nothing like ol’ Winter’s kiss.

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