Friday, December 26, 2008


My sister and I have a unique bond and have had it since we were little. There's eight years between us, me being the older. But as the years have gone on, that difference has been almost obliterated, and never so much as when we're being silly. Case in point: yesterday, Christmas Day, when our families got together.

While her husband and mine joined forces with her children for a game of dominoes, we chose to sit on the couch, talk, and make faces at each other to convey our point, for emphasis, or just for fun. When the two of us get together like this, it's a raucously fun time! It's as if we revert to when we were children and the more funny faces that are made, the better. Sometimes we try to out do one another, trying a myriad of facial contortions, and cracking each other up. Sound silly? Well, it is and we love it. Talk about getting in touch with your inner child! We have no problem there.

Anyway, that was the inspiration for this "silly little ditty." Hope it makes you laugh. (If it doesn't, just stand in front of a mirror and make funny faces - works every time).

By Patty Lynn

I love to be a “silly pants”
And laugh a lot with you,
We make such goofy faces,
I haven’t got a clue…

Why what you do’s so funny,
Or why I crack you up.
The mystery eludes me.
I guess it’s just my luck…

That there’s no one besides you,
Who makes me laugh this way…
I must confess, I’ve yucked at less…
What more it there to say…

But you’re a laugh a minute.
I just can’t help but grin.
And if my mood is sagging,
You change the mood I’m in.

‘Cause you can’t be a “sad sack”
When faced with silly faces.
A laugh’s the fix, to get your kicks,
It’ll put you through your paces!

No matter if we're older
And tempered we should be.
I’ll make a face at you and then…
You’ll make one back at me.

So we’ll keep making faces,
Who cares if some object,
‘Cause I ain’t made a face at you…
That you ain’t laughed at yet!

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Jill said...

This is really sweet commentary about our Christmas Day and I LOVE the poem. We do indeed have a unique bond and I sure do love to make faces and laugh with you!