Thursday, December 18, 2008


As I'm sure you can tell, I'm anticipating Christmas but not so much the big storm they're predicting. Our weather, in general, seems to be record breaking no matter what season we're talking about. Despite the warning (If you don't have to go out, stay in) the fact remains that some of us have to be out in it, snowstorm or not. I'm not looking forward to it, certainly, as it does seem that people's good judgement goes out the window in the winter weather. Tonite, on my way home from work with oncoming traffic as well as my lane facing a green lite, somebody decided to make a left hand turn right in front of my car. Had I not been watching, that would have ended up as just another accident.

Though the weather seems to always be a topic for conversation, what I'm really thinking about as we get out there and finish our Christmas shopping, is the impersonalness of it all. Do you wish everyone, a clerk, a smiling face approaching you, or whomever, a Merry Christmas? I do, but it is usually met with surprise and oft times a look of confusion. What ever happened to that? Well, on that topic I wrote the following. I hope it makes you think and maybe, just maybe, makes you think of sharing a little Christmas cheer.

By Patty Lynn

You know, I find it int’resting,
This festive time of year,
That Merry Christmas greetings are
So seldom what you hear.

Most folks are darting here and there,
Intent on bargain finds,
And clerks seem so disinterested.
Good cheer’s not on their minds.

I know that I recall a time
When it was automatic,
That people smiled and wished you well,
And days were not so frantic!

Our thoughts were more of hearth & home,
Not price tags so impressive,
That in the Christmas aftermath
Your thoughts became depressive…

Because your plastic was maxed out
And bills were mounting fast.
Instead we made some memories,
The kind that really last!

We sat around the Christmas tree
Recalling famly faces.
We laughed that “some assembly” meant…
We’d be put in our places.

Each cookie was the homemade kind,
Not ones you buy in stores.
We’d raise a cup of real eggnog,
I’d clink my cup to yours.

Then afterwards we’d sing some carols,
No matter if in tune.
We sang our hearts out anyway.
The end came way too soon.

Yes, Christmas time in days gone by
Was different from today.
If only we could all return…
To the Old Fashioned Way.

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