Sunday, December 7, 2008


For me, the anticipation began early this year. Maybe it's because my two grandchildren are now two years old and will really "get" Christmas. I have purchased a pre-Christmas gift for them with the nativity figures as little children. I hope I can tell them the story of the first Christmas simple enough so that they can understand it to a degree and exciting enough to hold their interest. I really hope that Christmas may be the anticipation of the birth of the baby Jesus and the songs of Christmas and not only Santa Claus and presents. It's hard for children to keep from focusing in on the present part but my hope is that nobody overdoes it with the present part.

Today we got the tree decorated, the garland on the fireplace and the Christmas cards labeled and stamped, all ready for the post office. So now the momentum has begun. I have a few more gifts to purchase and, of course, there's the wrapping. I love that part. My kids think it's really funny the way I spend so much time making each gift special with just the right paper and the hand made bow. " People just tear it apart!" Well, that's true. But, as I like to say, "it's all in the presentation." So as Christmas time is near, I'll offer this little Christmas poem called:

By Patty Lynn

Merry Christmas, Praise the King,
Who came to all the earth.
A child, a babe, at Christmastime,
Let’s celebrate His birth.

No matter how the years may pass,
When Christmas time comes near,
We see the star, the angels sing
And loved ones gather near.

It’s new again, God’s gift to us,
Salvation in a child,
The chosen one, of Mary born,
So tender, meek and mild.

Within that manger we still find
The meaning of the season.
Through all the chaos, gifts and trees
Remember, He’s the reason…

For giving gifts to all we love
As He our gift would be
Without the pomp and circumstance,
But humble born that we…

May Heaven have when life is done,
He gave unselfishly…
The gift of grace, we never earned
And yet, that gift was free!

And so as Christmas time draws near,
Don’t find yourself remiss,
Keep Jesus in your Christmas heart.
God’s Son was born for this.

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