Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Do you know why I say that Winter's officially here? Why I've got a wham-doozer of a cold, that's why. You know how that is. The calendar says November and you're all set for the crisp, chilly winds to herald in the cold weather and then...Mother Nature throws a monkey wrench in the mix and we've got two days in a row where the temperature is in the 70s! We smile and say,"Isn't it wonderful?" We've delayed things a bit and we love it. But then, as is always the case with Wisconsin, just as the warmth surprised us, so we are surprised by the first snow on the ground and the first thermometer readings in the 20s!

You know, our old bods can't take it, the sudden change, I mean. And so they rebel, that is,suddenly every other person you meet has a cold. And I am no exception. Darn! It would have been so nice to be an exception, but, alas, NO. My hope is that you are the one in a hundred that didn't come down with the common cold, but if not, here's a humorous poem from a dramatic child's perspective to help you laugh a little. I call it :

By Patty Lynn

I’ve got a cold, a cold in my nose.
I’m sniff’ling and sneezing, I’ll “die”, I suppose.
I’m coughing, my head hurts, I’m really a mess,
I’m feeling just rotten, the “end's soon, I guess.

Oh, don’t call the doctor, I’m sure it’s too late,
He’ll try to convince you I’ll soon feel just “great”.
He’ll give you some syrup that tastes simply awful,
Don’t do it, I beg you, just make me a….waffle…
And sausage and juice, some jam, if you please,
And I’ll try to survive…ahhhahhh…until the next…ahhhchoooooSNEEZE!

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