Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I couldn't let this evening pass without taking a moment out to talk about Thanksgiving, not Thanksgiving, the day, thanks giving, as in giving thanks. We live in a time of great uncertainty and day after day we're deluged with more grim news about our economy, unemployment, bailouts, misappropriation of other people's money, dishonesty in our political figures, and the list goes on and on. Is it possible to struggle through the muck and mire of all this and find something to be thankful for or must we continue to ride the slow train to hopelessness? I believe it's a conscious choice to rise above all this and see the world through the eyes of the redeemed. Wow! That's pretty heady stuff, isn't it? But isn't it true? God never said it was going to be easy, this earthly life and all it's trials and tribulations. So where is the hope?

With complete conviction and a certainty that far outweighs the unknowns, I can say that my life is a blessing and all the things that make up that life are far more wonderful that I deserve. Every night before I go to sleep I run through this litany of blessings, my husband, my children, my extended family, my grandchildren, incredible friends, my church, my poetry, music, my health, pets, etc. I could go on forever! God has been so good to me and that completely overshadows the things in this life that could potentially keep me from appreciating all those gifts. Sure I worry. I shouldn't, but I do, but when it comes right down to it, I'm a very blessed woman. I have a God who loves me, a Savior who redeemed me, and the assurance of heaven. What more is there to say?

May you take a moment, in the midst of all the chaos that so often surrounds the preparation of your thanksgiving day meal, and reflect on what you are truly thankful for. I think, if you do that, setting a day aside to be thankful may not seem enough in the great scheme of things. And as you sit down to share that meal with family and friends, take the hands of those around you and say a prayer of thanksgiving. It doesn't have to be long or eloquent. It can be as simple as two little words, spoken from the heart, "thank you!"

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