Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today was one of those days! My list of things, all or which I HAD to do, was ridiculously long. I had no reason to think the entire thing was doable and yet, I was determined. So, we got home from church and the momentum began. Clean the bathrooms, including the floors, sweep the kitchen so that I could use my new steam cleaner on it. ( I must say, this invention is great for hardwood, tile and vinyl! Works like a charm and you just take the pad off and wash it. Fabulous!!!! )

Anyway, that got done. One for my team. Then I began thinking about supper. I'd planned a wonderful meal of salsa meatloaf, baked potato and fresh asparagus. So I prepared the meatloaf, started it in the microwave, and put it in the oven at 350 degrees. Or so I thought. You know how that is. You're doing so many things and no matter how on top of it you are, something goes wrong. Well, as I stood at the kitchen counter cutting up the asparagus, I heard this sizzling sound coming from the oven. I thought to myself, "The meatloaf hasn't been in the oven that long. Why is it sizzling?"

Well, somehow, I don't know how, I must have hit the auto clean or the broiler control and the meatloaf was getting burned to a crisp! I took it out and tried turning off the stove and .... It wouldn't turn off so that I could reset it. We even turned the power off to the entire stove and then plugged it in again and the top element would not turn off. What to do? There was only one solution: Take the meatloaf and potato out of the oven, cook it in the microwave and set the stove to Auto Clean. Three hours and 30 minutes.

I can't tell you the rest of this riveting story because the timed cleaning has a ways to go. Supper was OK, not great, but OK. I'm just hoping that the oven dilemma is over and that once the stove is finished cleaning, I'll be able to use it again without another mishap. One can only hope.

Now I know that this story is hardly worth the effort to share with all of you BUT, it is a little slice of real life, you've got to admit. Exciting no, but in some ways, FUNNY. I had such high hopes for all the things which, by the way, are still on the list, high hopes that they all would be finished today. But, as they say, the well laid plans...

I was going to do my Christmas Letter today, that didn't get done. I was going to write a new poem or two, that didn't get done. I was going to get a letter written to my sister in Michigan,
that didn't get done. I was going to do an entry for my blog, that DID get done. Not a poem, but an entry none the less.

And now, I am done for today. The list will have to be tackled again tomorrow. In the mean time, I have had a chance to ramble on to all of you and perhaps, have you conclude that your
lives are much more interesting than mine OR not.

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