Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The last two days in Wisconsin have been absolutely beautiful! Our normal temp should be about a high of 48 degrees so you can imagine how it's been received to have highs in the 70's. Everyone has a smile on their face and no one can keep from beginning every greeting with,"Do you believe this? Isn't the weather just heavenly!"

The term unseasonable is much more popular in this context than it's winter counterpart when we're talking about the weather being unseasonably cold. In Wisconsin we see it all and whether you're talking to a native or a visitor, there's always amazement that it gets HOT in the summer and COLD in the winter. Maybe it's just that we feel we have to complain, although it's counter-productive. It's like the proverbial greeting, "How are you?" Most likely you will respond with the token, "fine" because if you were to go on and on about why you're not fine, first, it wouldn't change a thing and second, no one really wants to know all the negative commentary that is your life.

As I sat here this evening (way too late, I might add) I thought about two seemingly unrelated things, the beautiful weather of the last two days and the historical election of Barack Obama as our President. In so doing I realized that they really are related after all. So, if you will indulge me:

By Patty Lynn

Unseasonably warm, what a wonderful phrase.
To experience the temp of past Aprils or Mays…
At a time when we’re readying for a cold, arctic blast…
That is so much the story of November’s contrast…
To the bright, balmy days that we wish would just linger.
It may be November but for May a dead ringer,
And we don’t object, no, we’ll not complain
Even if all the sunshine’s preempted by rain.
It’s warm and we love it, we know it’s not right,
Like reversing our clocks just to give us more light.

But whether it’s wrong or whether it’s right,
We’ll enjoy every minute, till the sunshine’s bright light…
Won’t warm us or tan us with its beautiful rays.
Guess we’ll have to remember these unusual days…
When the calendar tells us Fall’s over, it’s Winter,
Though briefly this warmth causes logic to splinter.
It’s not making sense, seventy-five in November
But I’m glad for the gift, thank you, God, I’ll remember…
The day of and day after this momentous election,
November ’08 unseasonable perfection.

The truth is unseasonable is okay by me
And so is what happened in our history.
In November ‘08 we elected a man
Who is an exception, who does have a Plan!
He’s young and he’s black, he’s a breath of fresh air,
And no matter your choice, he needs ev’ry prayer…
For all that needs doing, I don’t envy him!
Our country’s in shambles and things do look grim.
So revel in weather that’s unseasonably warm
And expect something NEW, not strictly the norm.

Unusual weather may not be expected
And likewise Obama who just got elected.
He’s definitely different and different is good.
Lord knows, we’ve had problems, much more than we should!
Our previous leaders have damaged our people.
They’re tired and they’re scared and they hope there’s a sequel…
That’s better for them and improved for their children,
A good job, a nice house, a bright future before them!
Forgive me my politics, they’re weather-related.
Besides much more fun when poetically stated!

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