Saturday, November 22, 2008


The day of my sister Jill's arrival was the happiest day of my life. I was eight and the news of a baby sister's birth was so overwhelmingly joyful, I remember getting on my bike, riding to the dead end street a block away, and singing at the top of my lungs. That day changed my life forever!

As the "older" sister with a working mom and dad, I became the stand-in mom, a role I relished. As the years went by, the connection between us only grew stronger and I felt privileged to be her mentor, her confidant. Approaching middle age we dealt with marriages, divorces and remarriages, child rebellions and readjusted expectations, but, through it all, the bond between us made us inseparable.

When our aging parents needed the care they had so lovingly given us, we were able to handle all the demands of that and our own lives. How? We could handle it because we had our foundation of faith and each other to lean on. Even when we lost our precious parents, the loss was bearable because we shared our sorrow. I shudder to think what life would have been without my sister. She is truly the "best friend" and sister could have.

A number of years ago, my sister dealt with some daunting health issues and during that ordeal I wrote a number of poems to her, to reinforce how deeply I love her and how, no matter what, I was there for her. The next few offerings will be some of those poems, a tribute to one of my life's greatest gifts, my sister.

Your Friends You Pick…
By Patty Lynn

Your friends you pick, but relatives,
Now that’s a diff’rent tune,
You’re stuck with them, they’re stuck with you
A “peach” or a “buffoon”!

But stuck you are since blood is thick
And water’s not the case.
A lifetime’s what you’re looking at,
When you’re staring in that face.

But sometimes you are blest to find...
A diamond shining bright,
A sibling who’s the best there is,
That couldn’t be more RIGHT!

That happened fifty years ago
My sister, you was born,
And from that moment evermore,
Entwined and never torn...

We faced the world, the challenges,
That life put in our way.
Somehow “we” muddled through it all,
And never rued the day…

God made us sisters, made us friends,
Through good times and through bad.
Some people live a lifetime
Not knowing what we have.

And so, I feel compelled to write
A poem for sister's sake,
I’ll say it loud and say it clear,
A sister’s tribute make.

There’s no one who is quite like you.
My sister, and my Friend,
My love for you is paramount,
And will be to the end!!!!

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