Sunday, November 2, 2008


A number of years ago, my sister, who loved painting figurines, sent me a set of three figurines depicting three angelic nuns. Each was in a particular pose and when I placed them together for display, to me they told a story. As a result, I thought it appropriate to develop a story around them, in poem form, of course, and this was my story. While it's meant to be lighthearted, it has some real lessons for all of us. I hope it gives you a thought...and a laugh.

By Patty Lynn

There’s a tale of three angels, the gossipy type.
Who’d only tell stories that were juicy and ripe.
Now Heavenly Hannah was the worst of the lot.
She’d pass on the story and embellish the plot…
‘Til she had the attention of Celestial Sadie
Who’d blush, be aghast like a prim, proper lady.
But she’d pump her for more. She’d want the whole story,
“Come on, spit it out, ‘cause here comes Old Glory!”

Now Glory would scold and call it disgraceful…
To gossip and rumor and fill the whole place full…
Of tidbits and snippets, the soap opera kind,
“You both should know better, now just never mind!
Besides He might hear you and wouldn’t think kindly
Of gossipy ladies, and maybe you’ll find He…
Has other ideas of where you should be.
You’d better just stop it and listen to me!”

So Hannah and Sadie both took her advice,
At least for a while, they gave up the spice.
But soon there’d be news and they just had to share it.
To keep silent and stifle, they just couldn’t bare it!
Then Glory would wag her old finger and scold them,
Reminding the two of what she had told them.
“Now rumors and gossip may seem harmless to some
But the words that you speak just might hurt someone."

"Treat everyone ‘round you like you’d like to be.
That rule, why it’s golden, you both need to see…
How words can be kind or sharp as a knife,
And gossip or rumors can damage a life.
Remember you wouldn’t like gossip ‘bout you
And keep all your words to words that are true.
And if they are true but they hurt someone’s feelings,
Then pray for God’s strength in all of your dealings."

"Yes, gossipy angels are no better than
The devil himself, and you know where he stands.
I hope that you'll heed this advice that I give you.
Ask God and He'll help you, just ask, He'll forgive you.
Those folks down on earth hurt each other with gossip
I'd like to think, ladies, that this concept, you've got:
We angels should be the example, you know,
And never engage in the things from "below"!"

And that made some sense to these well-meaning ladies,
To Hannah who embellished and Celestial Sadie.
It hit them how awful their gossipy ways...
Were harmful and hurt, how their sting really stays.
So Hannah and Sadie vowed never to do it.
The thought of it made them remember and rue it.
The two learned their lesson and never again...
Told gossipy stories like they did, way back when.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked this poem. Two years ago at the State Youth Coalition I attended a class that was about bulling in the schools. This worst bullies were girls the authorities said. The girls bullied by the spread of vicious rumors that ruined reputations and lives and at times resulted in teen suicide. Our children learn through our example. I really liked the message in this poem. Vicki