Sunday, November 9, 2008


If you're like me you know a procrastinator or two. They have the best of intentions but nothing ever really gets done. They always justify to themselves that there's something else more important that has kept them from finishing the task, but, of course, that didn't get done either!
That was the inspiration for the following. Sound familiar?

by Patty Lynn

There's so much to do,
Oh, where do I start?
The list is so long.
Should I do just a part...
Or push myself forward
Never mind a distraction.
I've got to begin,
Got to really take action!
These things just can't wait.
They must be done NOW
Can I dig in and do it?
Wish I only knew how!

The daylight is dwindling.
I can't see my way.
Perhaps I will do it,
But some other day.
Perhaps it can wait
Yes, I'll start it tomorrow.
Can't beat myself up,
Can't feel sadness and sorrow
'Cause that will not do
I've this list to begin,
And if it gets done
I'm sure I will win...
The approval of many
Who'll be happy I did it.
My thoughts for a penny?
Guess I better get with it.

For it has to be done,
But there's just so much of it,
Too much for just one,
If you'd help me, I'd love it!
So do you think maybe
You could lend me a hand?
I swear, if you'd help me,
That sure would be grand!
You will, oh, that's great.
Can I count on you then?
You say you can help
But you don't know just when.

Then I'm just gonna wait
Till you find your way clear.
You say, you'd be able
In the Spring of next year?
Well, that sounds like a plan.
You and me, why, we'll conquer
This list that I've got
'Cause alone I'd go bonkers.
You're a friend, you're an buddy
A "take charge" kinda guy!
I'm lucky to have you
An honest ally!

This list will just wait
Till the two of us find
A time in the future.
I'm sure you won't mind
Putting off for the moment,
What can wait till tomorrow.
Something else can get bumped
So that we can just borrow...
The time that we need
To complete ev'ry task.
When the timing is right
Why, we'll have a blast!

Guess I'd better get going.
I've enjoyed our brief chat.
We'll connect again soon.
I've just gotta go, STAT!
There are things that need doing
Oh, where do I start...?

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