Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm sure you've heard this phrase before but as far as it pertains to my sister and me, we live it. We're always acting goofy, still making faces to get the other to laugh, and generally finding the humor in everything. No where is that more true but when we find ourselves in difficult times. It's then that it's even more important to laugh. Here's another poem I wrote to my sister to remind her how much she's loved and just how many times we made it through the trials, together.

By Patty Lynn

There just aren’t words enough to say
How much I love you, dear,
How every day is better still,
Whenever you are near.

You’ve heard it said that life’s too short,
And, dear, I quite agree.
The two of us, through thick and thin,
Have found that love’s the key.

A love that cares and understands,
Inspired by God above,
Add lots of laughter, joyful tears,
Now that’s a special love!

Just how would we have made it through
Without the love we’ve shared?
Can you imagine how we’d be
If neither of us cared?

I know my life is richer still,
Each day, each hour, each minute,
Because no matter, good or bad,
It’s better with you in it.

So sister, dear, remember this,
You’re stuck with me forever.
Whatever life may send our way.
We’ll conquer it TOGETHER.

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